Kelsie Kimberlin set to release her new hit “Fruit Basket”

01.12.2022 - Kelsie Blog

Cosmopolitan girl Kelsie Kimberlin is back with her vibrant new song “Fruit Basket”.

Fans around the world compliment and thank Kelsie Kimberlin for her positive, vibrant, motivating track called “Fruit Basket”. The video clip for the track will be published on Kelsie Kimberlin’s YouTube channel on November 30, 2022.

Ukrainian-American singer Kelsie Kimberlin, who performs her songs around the world giving her voice for the freedom of Ukraine, presented her new song “Fruit Basket” to show hope in the dark times of the full-scale invasion. With this song as well as with her previous compositions that were released after Russia’s invasion in Ukraine, Kelsie asks to support the Ukrainians and to stand with Ukraine.

Kelsie connects the continents through her musical talent, giving her audience a taste of Latin Groove full of rhythm, sunshine, love and color. The “Fruit Basket” video was filmed by Christian Flores, teaming up with legendary producer Pedro Vengoechea who also appeared as a special guest in the video.

The video was made of the vibrant, picturesque city streets of Cartagena in Columbia. Kelsie appears in a video in a gentle and sensual way, showing a strong young lady, a confident creator of her future, however still full of teenage youthfulness, so inspiring and attractive.

Kelsie Kimberlin is a bright star in the galaxy of Ukrainian-American stars that include Milla Kunis and Mila Jovovich. Kelsie’s music is woven with that international DNA that brightens and spices up her music and gives Kelsie’s voice to “Stand for Ukraine”. Kelsie Kimberlin expresses frustration about the state of war in Ukraine, and celebrates humanity giving hope through her music.

Her latest songs are dedicated to the call of President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky, during his address at the #GrammyAwards2022, for musicians, not to be silent. “Fill the silence with your music.” Kelsie Kimberlin responded: “And I want to answer President Zelensky: we are here. We are not silent. Even before the beginning of the war, I wrote down an appeal to my audience, in which I asked them to become Ukrainian. Fill your hearts with music and show every Ukrainian that they are not alone.”

Kelsie commented about her new track: “Fruit Basket” is my song of hope and happiness for everyone who cares about humanity. I am Ukrainian-American and I want the world to see that despite the horrors of the war, we live life to the fullest by celebrating love for family and friends, and all the simple joys that give us meaning. I hope you like this song and video as much as I do.”

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