Popular singer Kelsie Kimberlin will release her new song “Parking Lot”

03.04.2024 - Kelsie Blog

Popular singer Kelsie Kimberlin will release her new song “Parking Lot” on all music platforms on March 29, 2024. This will be her first release with her new distributer, Symphonic. The video for the song was filmed in Cartegena, Colombia, famous for its friendly people, vibrant colors, and beautiful water. Seasoned film director Carlos Florez took full advantage of the venue to create an exciting, hot, and fun-filled video.

Kelsie’s last five releases have been dedicated to Ukraine where her mother was born because she wanted to focus the world’s attention on the horrors of the war and the dire need to help Ukraine win a total victory. While those videos have all gone viral with millions of views and streams, Kelsie wanted to shift gears so she traveled to Colombia to film two music videos, “Parking Lot” and “Gotta See Right.” The first is being released in March and the second in mid-summer.

“Parking Lot” is a song about a very hot Latin girl who loves to dance and show off her moves in public. Kelsie sings about how happy she is that the dancer is hers as she watches all the boys and girls also wanting the dancer. The filming took place at an outdoor paintball venue and in the middle of a parking lot while Kelsie watches from her convertible Mercedes. Halfway through the song, legendary Colombian producer and musician Pedro Vengoechea jumps in with a very cool Latin rap as he watches the dancer breaking it down in front of the Mercedes.

“Cartagena was the perfect place to film this song because it allowed us to capture all the nuances in the song—fun, dancing, color, heat, and lust,” said Kelsie. “I was amazed with the way Sabrina (the dancer) was able to bring my vision to life. And of course, Pedro is the maestro who made it all happen and Carlos is an incredible director.”

The song has a very cool Latin groove with a powerful Spanish guitar emphasizing and countering the vocals. The chorus will certainly go viral on social media—”Yeah you look so fine, girl, I’m glad you’re mine Everybody wantin’ you, in the parking lot.”

Once again, Kelsie hits the ball out of the parking lot with her new song a video.

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