Kelsie Kimberlin Unveils Emotionally Charged EP “The Drawer”

28.05.2024 - Kelsie Blog

Popular pop singer Kelsie Kimberlin today released her first full length EP “The Drawer” on all music platforms. This will be her first EP release with the Symphonic Music Group. The EP pushes the limit with eight powerfully moving songs telling stories about her life and relationships that will touch everyone. The name of the EP signifies the many drawers that make up Kelsie’s life and the emotions held inside each one.

The EP has bookends signifying a book with many chapters. The first song, “The Drawer,” paints a heartbreaking picture of a treacherous and toxic relationship that statted out with passion and ended with abuse and a new found strength. The next song, ”Meet Me Anywhere,” is a hopeful but longing plea for a close friend to stop looking elsewhere for love when it is right next door. The third song, “Fatal Attraction” takes on a dark, haunting, and rock tone describing a relationship so full of fire and passion that it becomes intoxicating and dangerous. The chorus is not only an ear worm but perfectly underscores how a relationship can be so hot that it can combust at any second – “I want you to come around but I know you’re a fatal attraction, when I’m with you, it feels like I’ve just touched off a chemical action.”

The fourth song “Twinkle” has an accompanying video that will be also be released today. It is about a 12-year old transgender girl named Dempsey, and it represents Kelsie’s celebration of transgender youth at a time where some factions of society want to vilify and erase them. This song and video are important reminders in this election year for people to vote for candidates who respect and honor all people. The fifth song, ”January Through December,” expresses the feelings many people have of wanting more from a relationship but realizing that every day of the year brings happiness and joy that would be missed elsewhere.

The sixth song, “Parking Lot,” is a song and video that were already released on March 29th and have gone viral on YouTube and other music platforms. It is the only song on the EP with a Latin flavor and a video filmed in the beautiful city of Cartagena, Colombia. The seventh song, “Summertime’s Gone,” is a forlorn and poignant song about young lovers who meet over the summer but have to leave each other at summer’s end. And finally, the last song “Recovery” is about how the stresses of young life can lead to destructive behavior that if left unchecked result in disaster. Here Kelsie sings, “apologies, for all those who I hurt in my life…I want to say thank you to all my friends and family, thank you for believing in me when I did not believe in me.”

Kelsie’s EP has many drawers that when opened tell a story that many people across the globe have experienced. Kelsie gives voice to profound and subtle emotions that are sometimes difficult to express. Her EP is out on all music platforms. Enjoy.

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