Kelsie Kimberlin Releases “Vlad.” Her New Song And Lyric Video About The Tragic War In Ukraine

11.12.2023 - Kelsie Blog

Kelsie Kimberlin’s “Vlad” song and video follow up on her wildly successful trilogy about Ukraine —“Armageddon,” “Another Chance To Live Again,” and “Turn Back,” which has recently been called “one of the most impressive narratives of our times” by an influential music reviewer. That trilogy has received millions of views, streams, plays, and global radio plays, along with scores of rave reviews. Due to the success of the trilogy, Kelsie was asked to host a one-hour UK radio program to talk about her music and her recent trip to Ukraine. During the program, she played 13 of her songs related to Ukraine, including “Vlad,” which was previously unreleased. The response was so positive that she decided to release the song on all music platforms and release a lyric video on YouTube.

“There are some people throughout history who committed such evil that the mere mention of their name sends a chill down one’s spine,” said Kelsie. “Hitler, Pol Pot, Idi Amin, bin Laden, and Stalin are just a few over the past 80 years. In modern history, the name Vlad has been added to that list because of the horrors that he has perpetrated across the globe, especially his illegal and unjust war against Ukraine which has resulted in hundreds of thousands of deaths, millions of displaced Ukrainians, and the systematic rape and torture of innocent civilians. So I decided to chronicle the misdeeds of Vlad in my new song by that name. Yet, I never used his name in the song because his actions are so well documented that everyone who hears the song will know it can only describe one person on this earth. My goal is to get people to both think about whether the global community can allow such evil to persist and to keep the focus on the daily atrocities that are taking place in Ukraine,” Kelsie added.

Although the footage used in the lyric video was shot for Kelsie’s trilogy, it is effectively edited with quick cuts to match the intensity and power of the music in “Vlad” which uses real instruments in a driving beat and a rap lyric. The chorus refrain, after a long list of misdeeds, repeats that the perpetrator is a “bad man.” The video editing was done by the brilliant Kyiv filmmaker Pavlo Khomiuk.

After Kelsie returned from Ukraine, she launched a foundation to help those injured by the war, and to raise funds for reconstruction. www.KelsieKimberlinFoundation.org In 2024, Kelsie will continue to support Ukraine with her music and activism.

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