Kelsie Kimberlin Releases Her “Another Chance To Live Again” Music Video To Focus On The Human Cost of The Ukrainian War

13.10.2023 - Kelsie Blog

Today, singer Kelsie Kimberlin released her breathtaking new song and music video, “Another Chance To Live Again,” the second of a trilogy about the war in Ukraine. Last month, she released the first one, “Armageddon,” and it has gone viral with over a million views, plays, and streams, along with global radio plays and rave reviews on scores of music blogs. Grammy winner Liam Nolan mixed the song, and Grammy nominee Stuart Hawkes mastered it. The song was orchestrated by famous Kyiv composer Yurii Shepeta. “Another Chance” is about the profound feelings of hurt and loss that so many people in Ukraine have experienced since they were attacked by terrorists in 2014. Ukrainians want to turn back time and give another chance for loved ones to live again. “I wanted to express and encapsulate the feelings not only of individual people but of an entire country and society so I used religious and spiritual references in the music and lyrics, and filmed in several places that have religious significance,” Kelsie said. She traveled to Ukraine to film the video in some of the locations of the worst atrocities in Irpin and Bucha. The video begins at a destroyed cultural center that was once the go-to place for plays, concerts, and other happy community events. Out back is the Irpin soccer stadium where teams and children once played and practiced. It is now pockmarked with dozens of artillery holes and thousands of shrapnel wounds. Another building in the video once held hundreds of apartments where people lived before it was attacked with terrorist missiles. The destroyed bridge in the video was initially used by Ukrainians trying to escape the enemy bombings until the enemy massacred hundreds of civilians driving across it. The Ukrainian Armed Forces then blew it up so the enemy could not advance with tanks and heavy equipment. The church scarred with shrapnel is located right next to the bridge and broken icons and thousands of wounds from enemy bombs can be seen everywhere. Kelsie filmed with the permission of the Armed Forces while air raid sirens were blaring and attack drones and missiles were being shot down overhead. “It was all very emotional for me because I knew that families with their children died right where I was filming. I talked to many people who lost loved ones and told them that I was there to tell their stories to the world,” Kelsie noted. “Incredibly, a small miracle happened while we were filming the last shot. I was singing in front of a blown-out window of the apartment building when suddenly, a rainbow appeared in the sky right behind me and remained there for a dozen takes. We took this as a sign that things will get better and Ukraine will begin to heal from all its suffering,” she said. Last week, Kelsie gave a world premiere of “Another Chance” to a packed room at the Ukrainian Orthodox Church in Washington, DC. The audience was moved to tears, and the priest, Father Volodymyr Steliac, lauded Kelsie for using her music and her global platform to support Ukraine. Kelsie has launched the Kelsie Kimberlin Foundation to collect donations to help rebuild Ukraine, provide medical help and rehabilitation for those injured in the war, and garner further support for Ukraine. She asks everyone to share her video and donate to support the people of Ukraine at www.KelsieKimberlinFoundation.org
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