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Ukrainian-American singer Kelsie Kimberlin has a soothing voice with equal amounts of grace and emotion. Her cover track of Miley Cyrus’ more underrated number “Rooting for My Baby” is a catchy tune driven by acoustic bits and a vibing electronica sequence. Kelsie hopes to show her love and support for Ukraine through this song’s essence. Her response is quite heartwarming, and indeed all our prayers go out to the beloved nation.

“Rooting for My Baby” has resonant vocal segments, starting from lovely harmonies to the singer’s main hook. This rendition is simply top-notch, I gotta say! The cadence of the instrumental portions was such a mood, and it was impressive too. Hearing how the beats mixed with two distinct rhythm sections elated me. Firstly, soft acoustic chords build up to the chorus, which is followed by a tasty electro-bass. The beats synergize in both parts, and ultimately charged the song’s mechanics. Folks, do you admire ‘flow’ in a melody? When your senses enter a meditative state from hearing a song, feelings of zen initiate. One simply surrenders to a given track and you feel connected to it. When the stars align as such, it’s quite pleasant! With that being said, “Rooting for My Baby” through the vocal chops of Kelsie Kimberlin definitely pertains to the aforementioned aspects.

The song’s chorus is such a vibe, here’s a short glimpse of the lyrics –
I know, I know
That you go through a lot
I know, I know
That the pressure makes you hot”

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