Lobotomy: Ukrainian – American singer releasing provocative video while protests roil the country

03.08.2020 - Kelsie Blog

Ukrainian – American singer Kelsie Kimberlin releasing provocative video “Lobotomy” while protests against racism and lack of leadership roil the country.

Photo credits: twitter

Why do people blindly follow leaders and media even when it hurts them? This is a question for the ages and the subject of “Lobotomy.”

Photo credits: Kelsie Kimberlin

There is a great deal of symbolism in the video, from the broken hearts, the poison fruit from the tree of false information, the tolling bells, the hunting fox, the blind actors, the black dresses, and the chaotic siren and frightened bird sounds.

Photo credits: Kelsie Kimberlin

The message is deep and the wake-up call is powerful. Throughout history, people, to their detriment, have followed leaders, propagandists, and snake oil salesmen like lemmings off the cliff. Today, it is no different but more dangerous because of instantaneous media combined with mob mentalities.

Photo credits: Kelsie Kimberlin

Kelsie Kimberlin is 21-year-old Ukrainian – American singer and musician. She spent years in the studio singing and recording. Through the music you will learn more about she, her emotions, and love of life and family, Kelsie says.

She wrote on FB: “I am releasing my song Lobotomy tonight while protests against racism and lack of leadership roil the country. It says a great deal about our current state of affairs and is my way of speaking up and speaking out.”

Video credits: Kelsie Kimberlin
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