Kelsie Kimberlin Supports Ukraine With Her Cover Of Miley Cyrus’ “Rooting For My Baby”

23.01.2023 - Kelsie Blog

Kelsie Kimberlin is a proud Ukrainian-American singer, known for her strong vocal abilities and songs about issues that have an impact on the world. Her most recent December 2022 viral release, “Fruit Basket,” filmed in Cartagena, Colombia, celebrates our common humanity in a cross-cultural smorgasbord of sights and sounds. And now, with the release of “Rooting For My Baby,” she is covering her favorite song by one of her favorite artists, Miley Cyrus, to once again show her support for Ukraine.

In Miley’s original, her lyrics focused on supporting her loved one during times of stress. But Kelsie has a different take on the lyrics with her “baby” being the country of Ukraine during this time of war, filled with darkness, sadness, and suffering. “The song is kind of a metaphor of me rooting every day for my beloved Ukraine to ‘wake in the morning,’ “‘hold on,’ ‘it’s a long road,’ ‘in a moment it’ll be over and gone,’ and catch the dream of peace “everlasting.’ So everyone should sing along with that in mind. The chorus is especially apropos,” said Kelsie.

I know, I know
That you go through a lot
I know, I know
That the pressure makes you hot
I know, I know
‘Cause you still know what you got
I know, I know, yeah
I’m rootin’ for my baby

The idea for the cover came recently after an especially violent barrage of enemy missiles on Ukraine that left millions without electricity or water. “I was in America watching these awful attacks while seeing the amazing courage and resolve of Ukrainian citizens to persevere despite the unbearable stress and hardships. So I caught myself singing Miley’s tune and decided right then to record it and make a quick video at home. My production team and I laid down the audio tracks in a couple of studio sessions and then my video director filmed me singing the song in less than an hour,” added Kelsie.

Kelsie is a beacon of hope and uses her music to give listeners something on which to connect. She is a worldwide inspiration with her incredible work ethic and dedication to her music. And here she uses a great song by a great artist as an example of activism. Join Kelsie and the citizens of Ukraine for the official release of this new single and video knowing that everyone will be “rooting” for Ukraine to hold on, in a minute the war will be over and gone.

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