Kelsie Kimberlin releases new song “Reflection”


It is a reflection on the misplaced values of our society when media shows more concern with profits than the privacy rights and mental health of famous people. Everyone, no matter how well known, deserves to take a walk, dine at a coffee shop or browse at an art gallery without being accosted by paparazzi.

“With my new video, I want people to reflect on the harm that can occur when paparazzi intrude into the private lives of artists and celebrities. Yes, we all might see an interesting new photo in the media, but at what expense to the artist? In the video, I am in a photo shoot taking pictures that I can decide whether or not to share. But as soon as I walk outside, I am accosted by paparazzi which will share whatever they want without any concern for or compensation to me. They are making money by harassing and exploiting me without my permission. This is not cool, and it’s why I use the metaphor ‘water’ to denote tears, and why I use the contronym ‘bad’ to denote the bad behavior of paparazzi and how badass I look.”

Listen to “Reflection” here:

Watch the music video here:

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